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Jaguars see Corey Grant as a guy we’ve got to get out there

The Jaguars cut running back Chris Ivory in February, which leaves them without a player who played nearly 300 offensive snaps during the 2017 season.

As long as he’s healthy, Leonard Fournette is likely to get some of that work after playing nearly half the snaps during his rookie season. Corey Grant looks like a good bet to see an uptick in playing time as well.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on who did better, along with any ideas on who else you’d suspect to have a burner account.

According to Dawn Gilbertson of the Arizona Republic, Gresham helped a stranded traveler with a simple gesture of kindness, and asked her to only make sure the chain didn’t end with her.

Arizona State graduate Delilah Cassidy was stuck in the Los Angeles International Airport Wednesday, and couldn’t pay her baggage fee because her credit card didn’t work and gate agents couldn’t take cash. Before she missed her flight, Gresham stepped in and paid the $50 to check her bag so she could return. The 22-year-old boarded the plane in tears, and stopped to hug Gresham in first class on her way to her seat despite not knowing who he was.

I gave him this huge hug, she said. I was crying into Jermaine Gresham. I didn’t know it was him.

Manziel threw for 80 yards and ran twice for 10 yards. However, Hamilton’s biggest play was Frankie Williams’ 73-yard punt return TD to end the third, cutting Toronto’s lead to 33-13.

Manziel, selected No. 22 overall in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft by Cleveland, appeared in 14 games for the Browns and was 2-6 in eight starts.

Five former NFL cheerleaders sued the Houston Texans on Friday, alleging the team failed to fully compensate them as required by law and subjected them to a hostile work environment in which they were harassed, intimidated and forced to live in fear.

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