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Browns cut Tank Carder to make room for Mychal Kendricks

Now that we know that Mychal Kendricks is really, most sincerely a Brown, they had to make room for him.

And, per multiple reports, that spot is coming from linebacker Tank Carder.

Carter is one of the classic potential-over-production players on this draft board. His size and speed fits the mold of an impact edge rusher, but his play didn’t always match the criteria at Georgia. He was better this past season, especially as an outside rusher.

The former team captain isn’t as well-rounded as some receivers on the board, but he has the size-speed combination most others don’t. Clark needs to expand his route repertoire, but can take the top off a defense. He also led SEC in punt returns for a TD with two.

Check the scoreboard above for the final score and click on the stats link for game stats.

Davis, who is a prospect for teams that play more man-to-man, is adept at getting receivers out of their routes with his reach and strength. In his career, he had almost as many forced fumbles (three) as interceptions (four).

Teams that run a 3-4 defense will have interest. He came out a year early and needs more strength, but has the athleticism to warrant a second-day look.

Stewart has shown cornerback-worthy coverage skills even if some defensive coordinators may use him as a situational safety. He set a school record with 41 pass breakups in his career.

Averett battled injuries early in his career, but has top-shelf athleticism. He had a high jump of 6 feet, 4 inches and long jump of 25 feet, 2 inches in high school. He finished with one career interception, but his skill set is worth a long look.

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Chris Herndon on DWI arrest: This is not who I am

With his case pending, Chris Herndon wouldn’t say much about his Saturday arrest. But the Jets’ fourth-round pick did tell reporters, This is not who I am, via Brian Costello of the New York Post.

Herndon was charged with driving while intoxicated after crashing his car early Saturday morning in New Jersey. He hit a car driven by a 76-year-old man, who injured his arm.

The tight end made 40 catches for 477 yards and four touchdowns last season for the Hurricanes. The Jets took him with the 107th overall pick in this year’s draft.

Shazier suffered a serious spinal injury in a Dec. 4 game against the Bengals and has been recovering from a spinal stabilization surgery he underwent Dec. 6. He was released from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Rehabilitation Institute last Thursday.

The Browns also signed veteran Carlos Hyde and used a second-round pick on Nick Chubb, but keeping Johnson was still a priority for them.

Johnson was entering the final year of his rookie deal.

He only had 82 carries last year, but he had 74 catches for 693 yards and three touchdowns, and presents a valuable complement to Hyde (and perhaps eventually Chubb).

A grinder who may not go this high, but he is a safe bet because of how he approaches his game. He will have immediate impact in run defense and will push the pocket in pass-rush scenarios.

Turay had two shoulder surgeries in 2016. He’s raw but has shown explosiveness as a rusher and done well when he has dropped into coverage.

Leonard’s weight had dropped to 226 pounds since the combine, where his 40 time was due to a thigh injury in his only attempt. His speed is evident on video as he consistently closes on plays sideline to sideline. He had 114 tackles in 10 games last season.

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Jaguars sign Montay Crockett, waive Tevaun Smith

The Jaguars announced they signed first-year receiver Montay Crockett. The team waived receiver Tevaun Smith with an injury designation in a corresponding move.

If Smith clears waivers Thursday, he will revert to the Jaguars’ injured reserve list.

St. Brown’s father, John, was a two-time Mr. Universe and has trained his sons. Equanimeous needs more polish on his routes and had just three 100-yard receiving games for the Irish, but the size-speed combination is a starting point most rookies don’t have.

There will be some hand-wringing about his timed speed, but Jewell is one of the most productive players on the draft board with three consecutive seasons with 120 tackles or more to close out his career.

Fair or not, Gallup is being judged on his play against Alabama and work at the Senior Bowl. He did not play with confidence in either situation. But he has vast potential, fights for the ball and controls his body well.

He’s right, and the real challenge will be to come up with a way to defend it. Five years ago, the read-option was all the rage, until defenses figured out how to shut it down.

If defenses can’t figure out how to shut down the run-pass option, everyone will be doing it, sooner than later.

Aldridge struggled with Leonard out of commission during last season’s matchup with the Warriors in the conference finals due to Golden State constantly throwing double-teams at him. San Antonio expects the Warriors to continue to throw everything at Aldridge, but the team is confident the power forward is better equipped now to handle such a scenario. The club also believes the supporting cast — players such as Danny Green, Kyle Anderson, Pau Gasol and Patty Mills — needs to step up and make the open shots created by Golden State’s focus on Aldridge.

The suspense held until the regular season’s finale, but the Timberwolves are back in the playoffs for the first time since 2004. Jimmy Butler loves the stage the playoffs provide and desperately wants to show he can lead his team into the second round and beyond, but his health will be worth monitoring after he missed more than a month because of a meniscus injury in his knee.

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The Catch was the dawn of a new era in the NFL

When I first discovered the NFL in the early 1970s, the league had a handful of Harlem Globetrotters, and pretty much everyone else was the Washington Generals.

It was the Dolphins, Steelers, Cowboys, and Raiders, with each winning at least two Super Bowls from 1971 through 1980. At the other end of the spectrum were the teams that couldn’t get out of their own way.

The Generals had finally beaten the Globetrotters, opening the door for a greater range of championship possibilities. And while the 49ers quickly became the Globetrotters in their own right, that Clark-and-Joe-Montana-fueled ascension of the 49ers was special because it went so decidedly against what had become the norm for anyone who had been paying attention to the NFL — and especially for those of us who first noticed the NFL on the front end of a decade that consisted of only four haves and 24 have-nots.

Imagine wanting to please the boss so very badly that you run stills of guys knelt down PRAYING during pregame, Long said on Twitter. Not one Eagles player knelt for the anthem this [year]. Keep carrying his water to sow division while misrepresenting Christian men. Aren’t many of your viewers.. never mind.

Said tight end Zach Ertz, one of the Eagles shown kneeling: This can’t be serious…. Praying before games with my teammates, well before the anthem, is being used for your propaganda?! Just sad, I feel like you guys should have to be better than this…

Long also addressed the deeper issue of blaming the cancellation of the White House visit on the anthem issue.

You’re complicit in PLAYING America, Long said to FOX News. This is just another day at the office for you, though. Most players (and there were many players, many players…) that wanted to opt out had decided long [before] the anthem rule came down. It wasn’t discussed once in our meetings about the visit.

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Jaguars see Corey Grant as a guy we’ve got to get out there

The Jaguars cut running back Chris Ivory in February, which leaves them without a player who played nearly 300 offensive snaps during the 2017 season.

As long as he’s healthy, Leonard Fournette is likely to get some of that work after playing nearly half the snaps during his rookie season. Corey Grant looks like a good bet to see an uptick in playing time as well.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on who did better, along with any ideas on who else you’d suspect to have a burner account.

According to Dawn Gilbertson of the Arizona Republic, Gresham helped a stranded traveler with a simple gesture of kindness, and asked her to only make sure the chain didn’t end with her.

Arizona State graduate Delilah Cassidy was stuck in the Los Angeles International Airport Wednesday, and couldn’t pay her baggage fee because her credit card didn’t work and gate agents couldn’t take cash. Before she missed her flight, Gresham stepped in and paid the $50 to check her bag so she could return. The 22-year-old boarded the plane in tears, and stopped to hug Gresham in first class on her way to her seat despite not knowing who he was.

I gave him this huge hug, she said. I was crying into Jermaine Gresham. I didn’t know it was him.

Manziel threw for 80 yards and ran twice for 10 yards. However, Hamilton’s biggest play was Frankie Williams’ 73-yard punt return TD to end the third, cutting Toronto’s lead to 33-13.

Manziel, selected No. 22 overall in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft by Cleveland, appeared in 14 games for the Browns and was 2-6 in eight starts.

Five former NFL cheerleaders sued the Houston Texans on Friday, alleging the team failed to fully compensate them as required by law and subjected them to a hostile work environment in which they were harassed, intimidated and forced to live in fear.

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Le’Veon Bell should tell Antonio Brown to mind his own business

The man who likes to say business is booming arguably should be minding his own business.

For the second straight year, Steelers receiver Antonio Brown is publicly imploring Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell to show up at a time when Bell isn’t even under contract with the team.

Well, the first rule of getting better is showing up, Brown said regarding Bell. You can’t make anything better without showing up. So I think if you show up, I think everyone will understand where you want to be. That you wants to be here not just this year but for years to come. Come out here and show up, show you want to get better and show guys you’re serious.

Even before the Cowboys released Dez Bryant, there weren’t too many people predicting big things for the Dallas receiving corps in 2018.

Tight end Jason Witten’s retirement didn’t do anything to change that, but the receivers left on the Cowboys roster are pushing back against the negative outlook. Wide receiver Allen Hurns said the team will benefit from every member of the group, which also includes Deonte Thompson, Cole Beasley, Tavon Austin, Michael Gallup, Cedrick Wilson, Terrance Williams and Noah Brown, having something to prove.

Marshall took a knee during the anthem for part of the 2016 season and said Thursday that he doesn’t like the new policy put in place by the league, but understands the league’s reasoning for putting it in place. He was less understanding of the President’s suggestion, calling it disgusting and explaining why he feels that way.

Just because somebody disagrees with something or if I didn’t stand for the anthem or like what’s going on, that’s him saying I should be kicked out of the county, Marshall said, via Troy Renck of ABC Denver 7. We’re supposed to talk about things, talk about things, work things through. Everybody’s not going to agree on things, everybody’s not going to have the same opinion on things so just because somebody disagrees or has an issue with something going on in this country doesn’t mean they should pack up and leave.

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Matt Ryan: Very easy to get on same page as Julio Jones

Back in April, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said that he was excited about the chance to work with wide receiver Julio Jones this offseason after Jones was limited last offseason following foot surgery.

Jones isn’t taking part in voluntary practices with the team, however, and isn’t expected to rejoin the Falcons until next month’s mandatory minicamp. That may not have been what Ryan was looking forward to when the offseason program got underway, but the quarterback doesn’t see that as a problem as the Falcons prepare for the 2018 season.

About being on the same page: We’ve played together for a long time and when he’s healthy and when he feels good, like he does right now, it’s very easy to get on the same page, Ryan said, via the Atlanta Journal Constitution. He’s so talented. We’re fine. I think we’re in a good spot. We’ll get in some good work before the season starts, like we always do.

I know the first thing that Josh Harris and his ownership group did was when presented with that story, which I believe came as a surprise to them, was to engage an outside law firm, a New York firm that specializes in these types of investigations, Silver continued, and said, ‘Here’s all the information we have. Our organization, all of us are available to you, and I know that includes Bryan Colangelo, and with deliberate speed, but don’t cut any corners, let us know what’s going on. … I have no information beyond that other than that the investigation is underway.

My agent’s doing a great job, Barr said. They’re having conversations. I don’t know too many details on that. My focus is here with the team and getting ready.

He’s set to earn $12.3 million this year, and if he was injured during team workouts he’d get that anyway, but he apparently wanted coverage for potential future earnings beyond that amount until a new deal is done.

Turnbow said that after she was left with abrasions on her shoulder when she was attacked by a fan at one game, the team told her to just suck it up.

We were harassed, bullied and body shamed for $7.25 an hour, said ex-cheerleader Ainsley Parish.

Texans spokeswoman Amy Palcic said the team is constantly evaluating its cheerleader program and makes changes as needed to make the program enjoyable for everyone.

We are proud of the cheerleader program and have had hundreds of women participate and enjoy their experience while making a positive impact in the local community, Palcic said in a brief statement.

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Eagles may have a big defensive addition in Sidney Jones

The crop of young players added to the Eagles for the 2018 season will go beyond just their 2018 draft picks. It’s possible that a 2017 draft pick could be the team’s best newcomer.

That player is Sidney Jones, who was selected by the Eagles in the second round of last year’s draft. A cornerback from Washington, Jones had been viewed as a first-round prospect until tearing his Achilles tendon at his Pro Day workout. That allowed the Eagles to get him in the second round.

If he does, then those who have been insisting for months that the collusion case is destined to fail may have to revisit their position. If he doesn’t, then Geragos will have burned a chunk of his professional credibility by making a promise that he failed to deliver.

So stay tuned. Sit back. Heat the corn kernels until the pressure builds to the point that the hull ruptures. Even if nothing happens, the vow from Geragos means that will be something.

The team hoped that they’d solved one question at the position when they picked Leonard Floyd in the first round of the 2016 draft and he’s notched 12.5 sacks through two seasons, but injuries have cost him 10 games and left uncertainty about how much the Bears can count on him moving forward. Floyd ended last year on injured reserve with a knee injury and returned to 7-on-7 work this week, which will give him a chance to catch up on some missing development.

I think it delayed his development more last year when it happened, Fangio said, via the Chicago Tribune. There’s no way around that. Everyone needs as many reps in practice as they can get, and he’s really anxious to do it. He has been begging the trainers and medical people to let him out there a little earlier. I think he’ll overcome it.

The Bears parted ways with Lamarr Houston, Pernell McPhee and Willie Young this offseason, leaving Sam Acho, free agent acquisition Aaron Lynch and sixth-round pick Kylie Fitts as options to join Floyd at outside linebacker this year. If Floyd can stay healthy to lead the group, it would help answer Fangio’s questions in a positive manner.

If you’ll recall, the 2017 Jets used the Week 3 controversy over the NFL anthem protests to present a unified franchise. CEO Christopher Johnson stood in the center as the owner and every player were locked arm-in-arm. No one kneeled. They beat the Dolphin that day at the Meadowlands, 20-6, and won three consecutive games for a 3-2 start. But there was not enough substance in the symbolism, and the season fell to a 5-11 finish.

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